LocalBee – smart hive for urban environments

Designer Will Jordan created a noise-absorbing beehive that will allow bees to feel more comfortable in large cities.

LocalBee rises two meters high and fastens to a tree to imitate a natural beehive. It also allows you to protect it from animals and lovers of free honey.

The hive is made of wood, cork, and mycelium – it is a material that consists of mushrooms. Between the cork and mycelium, there are pockets that trap air to prevent sudden changes in temperature. In addition, the plug also acts as an acoustic damper to prevent noise exposure.

Thus, Will Jordan was able to create a noise-canceling hive that maintains a constant temperature without the use of expensive equipment. This means that the price of the hive will be quite low.

According to the inventor, the main reason for creating the hive is the introduction of urban residents to beekeeping and make honey production more affordable.

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