Cockroach farm – one of the most cost-effective types of agribusiness

A thousand cockroaches will bring one dollar, and if the farm produces several million insects every month, then this is already good business.

Cockroach farm is a special type of agriculture that breeds insects. In China, it is a separate industry. As of 2013, there were more than 100 such farms operating there. Are you know, how exterminate german roaches?

1 dollar invested in a cockroach farm will bring 8

Since 2010, the price of cockroaches has increased 10 times. A thousand cockroaches will bring one dollar, and if the farm produces several million cockroaches monthly, then this is already good business. Much more profitable than the same pigs. Therefore, some Chinese farmers began to re-equip their livestock farms for insect production.

With cockroaches, you can invest 20 yuan and return 150 yuan told a Chinese farmer to LA Times reporters.

This farmer bought only an abandoned chicken coop, roof tiles, and cockroach eggs. Insects are immune to diseases and not picky in their diet – they are omnivorous, they can also feed on garbage. Thus, the initial investment returned eight times.

Cockroaches are used as food and as a cure for all diseases.

The main customers of cockroach farms are pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Among the tens of millions of Chinese, the popular “healing potion” based on dried and crushed insects. Dried cockroaches are also a cheap source of protein and are offered as an alternative to meat.

On the healing properties of products from these insects, hundreds of articles are published annually in Chinese medical journals. According to scientists, cockroaches can stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues, cause a youthful effect, and heal ulcers and inflammation of the stomach. The Chinese government has even funded nationwide research on the medical value of cockroaches.

The Academy of Medical Sciences, which is located in Beijing, is not so optimistic about the therapeutic effect of cockroaches. Scientists believe that the “potion” does not have magical powers. But large-scale clinical studies have shown that they can bring some benefit.

$ 8 Miracle Potion that cured 40 million people

The cockroach is a traditional Chinese source of nutrients and medicinal substances for thousands of years. In some rural areas in southern China, babies are still sometimes fed cockroaches mixed with garlic. This remedy treats infections or indigestion. Therefore, it is not strange that the “healing potion” of cockroaches is popular.

A package containing two 100 ml bottles costs $ 8. Manufacturers claim that such a drug has already cured 40 million people from various diseases, and how many have not brought any effect are modestly silent.

The story of a little marketing hype

Such popularity of the “potion” is also due to the fact that many buyers do not know what they are using. On the package is written ” Periplaneta American “, the same two obscure words are written as part of the drug. Some curious Chinese who nevertheless decided to find out what they consume were shocked. It turned out that “Periplaneta Americana” is the Latin name for the American Cockroach.

Many immediately began to feel nauseous when they learned the whole truth. But it is not known exactly what the word “cockroach” upset them; many Chinese simply do not like Americans, even if they are cockroaches.

But the management of the Pharmaceutical Group, which produces the miracle potion, has denied that the company is misleading patients. Representatives of the company say that the drug has been used in hospitals for many years and did not cause any complaints.

By the way, Periplaneta Americana is the preferred breed for farms. The insect reaches a size of up to 5 centimeters. When dried, it has a pleasant sweetish taste with hints of fish. Under beer, it would be just right.

The most innovative farm in the world produces 6 billion cockroaches per year

The largest cockroach farm in China grows 6 billion cockroaches per year. It is located near the city of Xichang. Machine learning technologies are implemented here. The farm area is the size of two gyms, but the structure is multi-story. Long rows of containers placed very tightly. The air is warm and important year-round. Cockroaches move freely within the container to find food and their love (it is important that they multiply).

This farm has achieved high efficiency through the introduction of artificial intelligence algorithms in production. The system constantly collects and analyzes more than 80 categories of Big Data, including humidity, temperature, nutrition, and energy consumption. It controls changes such as genetic mutations and how they affect cockroach growth rates. And the technology of machine learning allows the system to self-adjust to improve the conditions for the production of more cockroaches.

The farm received a national award for “scientific and technological achievements.” There is not a single livestock complex in the world that introduces such technologies – Chinese scientists say so.

Very few people work at the facility, and those who are inside the farm undergo strict sanitary control. Pathogens and pollutants that a person can bring will reduce production efficiency.

The farm has earned $ 684 million in its entire life by producing a “magic potion” and selling it to more than 4,000 hospitals worldwide.

Cockroach farms can cause an environmental disaster

There are opponents of such a business. They fear that if the cockroaches get free, the results could be disastrous. For example, about 800 thousand people live in Sichuan. If cockroaches are released as a result of an accident or personnel error, the disaster will be terrifying. And it is not known whether the existing security system will prevent an emergency.

There is another concern of scientists. Intensive breeding of cockroaches under farm conditions and genetic screening will accelerate the evolution of insects and produce “super-cockroaches.” Huge insects that will multiply very quickly and will be able to adapt to any natural conditions.

In China, not only “exotic” farms are developed for us, but traditional ones are also developing. Today, huge pig farms are being intensively built there.