Australians invented new hives with a tap for honey

Startup Flow Hive raised $ 13 million thanks to crowdfund, although it counted on $ 70 thousand.

Australian beekeepers Stuart and Cedar Andersons have improved the traditional way to get honey: turn the tap and it will flow straight into the jar. This was made possible thanks to special frames that do not need to be removed from the hive and bother the bees.

In order to make themselves known to the whole world, entrepreneurs decided in 2015 to take advantage of crowdfunding opportunities on the Indiegogo platform. They planned to raise 70 thousand dollars, but “raised” $ 13 million. In total, during this time 50 thousand hives were sold to different countries, the largest number was bought by the Americans. One hive costs $ 600- $ 700.

Interestingly, the Andersons do not have an engineering background, they just love tinkering. It is still unknown whether their hives give the same amount of honey as ordinary ones, but entrepreneurs say they are even tastier.

Before our hive appeared on the market, before the crowdfunding campaign, we sent it to beekeepers around the world, and they said that honey is very tasty, as if you are chewing fresh honeycombs with wax, but there is really no wax. Then we got a similar response from many other people. – says Stuart.

He also gives advice to novice inventors:

  1. If you have an idea, don’t expect that in a week run a fundraising campaign. It takes six months to prepare an effective crowdfunding campaign. Contact must be made with potentially interested people.
  2. If you are an investor, cooperate with someone who understands social networks.

Although the Andersons had already sold quite a few beehives, it hardly affected the market. Now they are in the process of developing new hives that are more suitable for commercial beekeeping farms.

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